Consolidating your Job Scheduling
into a single Enterprise Class Workload Automation Environment helps reduce cost.

One of the fastest growing operational costs for most organisations is managing their distributed batch environments. Whether through the use of third party tools or native operating system schedulers, the true cost of batch management isn't seen until jobs fail.

So why haven't organisations addressed this in the past? To untangle the current environment would be a complex and expensive task in it's own right... but not any longer.



The Workload Assessment allows customers to review the current environment against a set of business needs to produce a strategic report, which form the justification for change.


Workload Migrator provides seamless migration from distributed legacy schedulers to IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler, in a fast, accurate, and highly cost effective manner, allowing organisations to start realising the benefits of a consolidated Workload Automation solution immediately.


We're with you all the way, both during and post migration. Our expertise gives our customers the support and reassurance they need.

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